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Be a
Certified and Professional

Materials Engineer

Definition of Materials Engineering

refers to the profession which embraces the scientific, engineering, environmental, and economic aspects of:

a. Materials Synthesis

b. Materials Processing and Fabrication

c. Materials Testing and Characterization

d. Materials Failure Analysis and Reliability Testing

e. Materials Design and Development

f. Materials Selection

What is a Certified Materials Engineer and a Professional Materials Engineer


a person who is engaged in the professional practice of Materials Engineering, as defined herein, who has passed the Materials Engineering certification examination administered by the MatE CB and holds a valid certificate issued by the same.


a person who has obtained a track record of professional  practice in Materials Engineering recognized by the MatE CB and holds a valid certificate issued by the same

Scope of Professional

The Materials Engineering work involves the professional knowledge and of generating and applying the theories, principles, practical concepts, design of fundamentals and processes and rendering services related to: 

a. Adapting to the industry

b. Research Development

c. Quality control

d. Process

e. Failure analysis

f. Academe

g. Laboratory testing

Application Process

1 / Application Form
2 / Submit requirements and other supporting documents

Email the documents to the MatE Certification Board. 


  1. Application Form

  2. Certification from IMEP as an Active Member of the Organization

  3. Copy of undergraduate diploma (Certified True Copy) with indication therein of date of graduation

  4. Transcript of records

  5. NBI Clearance

3 / Payment

There is no fee needed for this application. However, you shall be required of a PhP 1500 for CMatE or PhP 2000 for PMatE once evaluated to be qualified that must be deposited to the IMEP Account for MatECB with details to be provided along with the notification of your qualification for recognition.

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